High Five!

This summer, I spent a few days in Utah's Great Basin Desert as part of my 67 day wild horse trip. My goal was to photograph the wild horses that live in North America, and to share the issues that they are facing. The wild horses that live in the shadow of Utah's Onaqui Mountains are some of the most loved herds in America. Spending time with them is a joy and a privilege. Our hearts were broken over the fact that the gov't was to begin a major roundup of these horses beginning this September. Yesterday, it was announced that the gov't has decided to postpone the roundup until 2019. We will take that as great news, for now! Thank you to all who have added your voices in opposition to the cruel sweeping capture of these majestic animals.
These wild stallions of Onaqui appear to be celebrating! (in reality, they are asserting dominance over each other, but it's ok to think they are celebrating, just for the sake of this post! Lol !)