Sutter: 1986 - 2018

Yesterday, the world lost an incredible horse.
It was 2013 when I first saw the great wild palomino horse Sutter in California. I actually gasped at the sight of him. He was all muscle and gold. His story was just as powerful.
At the age of two, Sutter was caught in a horrific roundup and adopted by a person who abused him terribly. Rescued by Neda DeMayo and Return To Freedom, Wild Horse Conservation, Sutter's gentle disposition responded to kindness and he became a model for compassion and forgiveness. He was especially loved by children who visited the sanctuary just to hug him and feel the velvet on his nose. In 2016, Sutter was named ASPCA' Horse of the Year', and last year he was inducted into the 'Horse Stars Hall of Fame'. The only wild horse to receive these honours. 
Sutter was an inspiration to us all, with a wild spirit and a huge heart to match. 
Yesterday, at the age of 32, Sutter passed away.
Much love and condolences to Sutter's best friend Neda DeMayo and all at the sanctuary who filled Sutter's days with joy. 
RIP beautiful Sutter. Run wild and free forever.