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Sandy Sharkey

My name is Sandy Sharkey.

There were many things I loved about being a morning show radio announcer in my hometown (Ottawa, Canada) for over 25 years.  It combined my passion for music, laughter, people, and the important connection to community and the role of media to help those in need.

But, while most people work from 9am to 5pm, my job hours were 5am to 9am.  Which meant that I was free to pursue my other passion:


In 2013 I went to Lompoc California to photograph rescued wild horses at Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary.  It changed my life. 

The sheer beauty of wild horses took my breath away.  Powerful stallions with rock star manes, inquisitive mares and fuzzy foals soon became my favourite beings to photograph.

But it became much more important than a collection of photographs.  Right now in North America, wild horses everywhere are under siege (with the exception of Canada’s Sable Island).  Government roundups by helicopter remove thousands of wild horses from the only home they’ve ever known:  the mountains, the desert, the forest.   Once-spirited wild horses are separated from their families and stockpiled into holding facilities with a very grim future.

I have traveled over 14,000 miles by road to photograph wild horses throughout North America.  Through public speaking engagements, I raise awareness on behalf of wild horses.   My goal is to capture the beauty and unbridled freedom of the wild horse, and to encourage others to find the ‘wild horse experience’ for themselves.  For more information about the issues facing wild horses, please click on the following links:

Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary

Wild Horse Education

and in Canada:

Help Alberta Wildies

p.s. I am honoured to have my wild horse images hanging on walls in homes and businesses throughout North America.  Your purchase of a canvas or metal print allows me to continue my work raising awareness for these magnificent animals.

Wild horses.  Long may you run!

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