New Art and American Mustangs


Welcome to my first blog post for 'Cabin Road Art'.  I hope you will check in every once in a while..... these pages are going to be a hodge-podge of just about everything, mainly because I have a very small attention span.  As I write this, the contents of two giant suitcases are everywhere.  On the floor, on the futon, and the dog is lying on my just-dumped pile of clothes.  Last night I returned from a photography workshop at a wild horse sanctuary in California, and I'm sure you will agree that it is always a lot more fun to PACK for a trip than it is to UNPACK.  My friend Nadine de Lange and I climbed hills, hiked through grassy fields, and walked for miles on dusty roads to capture the beauty that is the American mustang-  rescued by 'Return to Freedom' Willd Horse Sanctuary in Lompoc California.

I will be writing more about 'Return to Freedom'-  there is just so much to say about this incredible place, the horses, and the people behind it.

In the next few days, I will be getting ready for my first-ever art show, the 'New Art Festival', June 15th and 16th in the Glebe.

I will have several images in all sizes, all animals, and plenty of horse photos for sale. 

Thank you to the amazing Ottawa artist Ross Rheaume for holding my hand throughout this new adventure.  Check out Ross' work,  I will be next to Ross' tent at the New Art Festival, and he really hope he wears his white linen suit.

Now I have to get back to un-packing, and sorting through my 19,000 American mustang photos.  Hmm...I think I'll start with the photos......