Nature Canada's 'Women For Nature'

This week I was asked to be a member of Nature Canada's 'Women For Nature'.  Such an honour, and I will do my best to promote the beauty of nature.  It surrounds us.  Each leaf on a tree, each rippling creek, the wildflowers in a field, the chatter from a songbird.... these are all gifts for us to enjoy.  It's more important than ever for children to appreciate nature, to leave the computer, put on some rubber boots.  Why?  Because nature is FUN.  Nature is COOL.  And nature is right outside our doorstep!  Which is why I chose this gull photo.  I've heard people say that gulls are 'dull'. 'boring', and they are 'everywhere'.  The next time you see a gull, take a few minutes to really watch what it does.  They are masters at aerobatics, speed, even hovering in one spot.  They are all attitude.  They are snow white and gorgeous.  And you will quickly see how entertaining that 'boring' gull really is.  Far better than reality tv!  We don't have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature.  We just have to open our eyes, because it's right there waiting for us.