Natural Horsemanship in Costa Rica


I enjoy going to Costa Rica because so much of the country has been kept in it's natural state. Jungles, rivers, wide expanses of beach with no sign of mankind...Costa Rica is a breath of fresh air for those who seek adventure in the wilderness. When I had the chance to combine my love of Costa Rica with my love of horses, I couldn't resist. Debbie Draves Legg and her husband Steve own a special piece of paradise called 'Leaves and Lizards' located in the shadow of Costa Rica's Arenal Volcano. Rustic jungle cabins open to spectacular views and birds of every colour. I was entertained by a family of sloths that would take forever to move from tree limb to tree limb outside my cabin. But the greatest joy were the horses at Leaves and Lizards. 'Costarricense de Paso' (Costa Rican horses) are high spirited, muscular, intelligent partners for those who come to ride. Most impressive? No mouth bits are used on the horses at Leaves and Lizards. Owner Debbie believes in natural horsemanship and the animals have been trained to follow other cues that are less invasive- the result being a wonderful riding experience for both horse and human. One day the horses were ridden to a nearby river, stripped of riding gear, and let loose to enjoy the cool flowing water. The horses acted like children, frolicking and splashing, a beautiful thing to watch. I highly recommend “Leaves and Lizards', tropical paradise AND gorgeous, healthy, happy horses. The best of both worlds!