Joy To Their World - In Aid of Community Vet Outreach


The less fortunate in our community may not have much-  not even a place to call home-  but the love they share with their companion animals is one of the purest that I have ever witnessed.  Karla Briones, the owner of two Global Pet Food stores in Ottawa, wanted to help low-income and homeless people with a 'Christmas wish list' for their animals.  She asked me if I would consider photographing those who wished to be part of the project, so she could place the photographs in a special 'Giving Tree' in each of her stores.  What began as a few simple photo shoots quickly turned into much more than that!  When we met with these people, heard their stories, watched the beautiful interaction they had with their animals, we realized just how special the human/animal bond can be for those who may have nothing else but each other.  Karla quickly organized a photo exhibit/fundraiser called 'Joy to Their World' which took place at Holland's Cake and Shake on Nov 22nd, with all proceeds to Dr Michelle Lem's Community Vet Outreach, providing veterinary care to the animals of those in need.  It was truly an amazing night of community and goodwill, with close to $4500 raised for Community Vet Outreach.  Thank you to Canvas Pop for printing the images, Mike Holland for providing the venue, Councillor Jeff Leiper, Catherine Landry and 'Ladies Who Lunch', Collette Beardall, and all the donors of gifts and prizes...Karla Briones for her beautiful heart and to all the less fortunate in our community, who showed us that the love they have for their animals should never be judged, but instead celebrated.