Spectacular Sable Island with Adventure Canada

Sable Island.  For those familiar with this magical place, Sable Island digs deep into our imagination and stays with us forever.  Perhaps it stems from memories of childhood books, colourful drawings of the windswept land.  It always seemed impossible to exist.  But each year, a small number of fortunate dreamers set foot on Sable's sandy beach for an experience unlike any other.  We traveled with Adventure Canada aboard the vessel 'Ocean Endeavour'~  the partnership between Adventure Canada and Parks Canada has been created out of respect for the fragile ecosystem of this sliver of sand located almost 200 miles from Nova Scotia.  Low impact Zodiac boats took the adventurers to shore, where we were met by waving grey seals.  For many, the lure of Sable Island was rooted in mystery.  Shipwrecks.  Ghosts.  Fog... and more fog.  Plants that exist nowhere else.  The rare ipswich sparrow that nests only on Sable Island.  But, in the end.... there is one star attraction, above all else.  The wild horses.  Sable Island wild horses.  Seeing these true survivors with their family bands roam the raw, natural, untouched landscape is an experience you will never forget.  My advice?  Sign up to Adventure Canada's mailing list and join the next journey to Sable Island.  The wild horses will make you feel alive!